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Tax Preparation
and Tax Planning

Are you running around at tax time and filing extensions? Tax season can be stressful for individuals and businesses. Let us help you. Our streamlined services make for a seamless tax preparation process. If you are an accounting or CFO services client of ours, it's even easier as we'll have your data ready to go as soon as the tax season opens.

When it comes to tax preparation and tax planning, Mirror Accounting has you covered. We don’t view our tax services as one and done, that is, preparing your taxes and then going away for the rest of the year. We prefer to have an ongoing relationship with our tax clients, providing them with year-round guidance. For us, tax planning is an ongoing process, not a static event. We talk to our clients throughout the year, advising them when to make adjustments to maximize their tax positions and when to make estimated payments to avoid penalties. By utilizing the tax code, we help you to reduce your taxes so you can sock away more for retirement.

Let us prepare your taxes each year.  Call or email us! 


Transparent Tax Services from Mirror Accounting

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