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CFO & Consulting

Cash Flow Management

Optimize cash flows to keep your business running smoothly

Cash is the life blood of every company. A company cannot survive without cash to fund its operations. Our cash flow management services give you peace of mind knowing you will have the cash resources to meet your obligations while you focus on racking up sales and profits.

  • Proper cash flow statement

  • Timely receivables collection

  • Payables management

  • Debt management

  • Government grants

  • Credit-ready financials

Financial Statement Review and Analysis

Understand your financial statements and what changes to make to your business

Financial statements tell the story of your business. We interpret that story for you so you can know what’s working and what is not, and where changes need to be made. We use ratios and key performance indicators (KPIs) to point your business in the right direction.

  • Common-size analysis

  • Ratio analysis

  • Key performance indicators

  • Forward planning

Budgeting & Forecasting

Forecast and budget to achieve organizational goals

Forecasting and budgeting go hand-in-hand and are vital for your company’s success. Forecasting and budgeting help management see what’s coming and is critical for strategic planning. The importance of these tools for planning and executing cannot be overstated.

  • Short, medium and long-term

  • Cash, revenue, profit forecasts

  • Rolling budgets

  • Variance analysis

Strategic Planning


Define your long-term vision and formulate strategies to achieve that vision

Strategic planning sets the direction and tone for your firm. Financial management is an integral part of strategic planning. Mirror Accounting Services collaborate with management on the strategic plan, ensuring the firm has the financial resources to support the plan.

  • Mid-to long-term plans

  • Firm’s mission

  • Goal setting

  • Resource allocation

Financial Management

360-degree management of your firm's finances for success

Managing all financial aspects of your firm to ensure it operates optimally and fulfill its mission of profit maximization. Financial management includes working capital management, cash and credit management and capital structure formation.

  • Cash and credit management

  • Cash flow management

  • Working capital management

  • Strategic financial management

Tax Management


Minimize your tax obligations with shrewd tax management and accurate tax preparation

Tax management starts with planning how to minimize your taxes before you prepare them. Good tax planning ensures you pay as little tax as possible under existing tax rules. Tax planning is dynamic and adjustments are made as the business changes.

  • Tax advice

  • Dynamic planning

  • Maximize deductions and credits

  • Tax avoidance, not evasion


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