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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our accounting and bookkeeping services are for businesses that do not yet need the services of a CFO. Companies that have just launched or which have been around for a while but only need to keep their books in order. We'll clean up your books to get them compliant and keep them that way going forward. Our monthly QuickBooks and Waves packages will ensure you know how your business is performing in real time. Should your business evolve to where it needs higher-level services, you can upgrade to one of our CFO packages. 

We saw many businesses struggle to qualify for PPP loans and other aid during COVID-19 because their books were not in order. Never let this happen to you. Knowing your numbers gives you the confidence to take advantage of opportunities when they arrive. Don't be caught flat-footed. 

At Mirror Accounting, your books are always examined by a CPA after they're prepared. This added layer of scrutiny ensures your accounts are accurate and transactions are properly accounted for each month.

Having your books up-to-date and accurate can save you time and money and prevent you from being
audited by the IRS. It also helps your CFO or CPA to provide better financial management and analysis that
will help your business grow and be profitable.

Our bookkeeping services include:


  • Bank, credit card, PayPal, and merchant account reconciliation

  • Invoicing and collection

  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts receivable management

  • Financial Reports - monthly or quarterly and year-end based on your package

  • Customer and vendor management

  • Year-end 1099s

  • We review and cleanup of previous years books.


Call for a free consultation today. 


Your Accounting and Bookkeeping Specialist

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